Thursday, June 30, 2011

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

American Idol's Haley Reinhart Singing "House of the Rising Sun" on Regis and Kelly

American Idol Season 10 Top 3 contestant Haley Reinhart appears on Live with Regis and Kelly for an interview. Haley then sings The Animals' "House of the Rising Sun".

Monday, June 6, 2011

Why Haley Reinhart's Original Song was Cut from the American Idol Finale

While we loved seeing Haley Reinhart “Steppin’ Out” with Tony Bennett during the American Idol finale, we were more excited for our little pony’s first original song, which her parents promised we’d hear that night. But as we were treated with Beyoncé performances, Gaga-vision, and a look back at Steven Tyler-isms, we began to wonder how Idol would fit everything in.

It turns out, two hours simply isn’t enough time for Top 13 reunion songs, judges’ hip shakings, and celeb cameos. In fact, as Haley explained to The Hollywood Reporter, it was one of the uber-famous who took over the spot that was originally given to the growly girl for her new single. “That was going to happen. And then Bono came in and it was taken away,” says Haley.

Et tu, Bono? The U2 singer, along with The Edge and Reeve Carney, brought Broadway to the Idol stage (didn’t Simon Cowell always warn against that?) when they performed “Rise Above 1” from Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. The superhero-themed musical is having myriad problems, and even J.Lo wasn’t keen on kissing the masked crusader during the finale.

Now that Haley’s original song doesn’t have the benefit of an Idol audience debut, its fate is in peril. “They had said that it was going to happen,” explains Haley, “and like everything else in this business, it’s all subject to change. I was excited about it, but then again, I think I'd like to wait and come up with something that's very me. Everything happens for a reason, so it's all good.” Way to take it in stride, Growlylocks.

American Idol finales are typically star-studded spectacles, and they always try to cram in the maximum amount of show-stopping performances, but swapping Haley’s potential hit for an established singer’s lackluster project just strikes us as bad form. What do you think? Should producers have kept or cut Haley’s original song?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Friday, June 3, 2011

Haley Reinhart Rocks “You Oughta Know” on the American Idol Top 3 Showdown

Haley Reinhart, American Idol Season 10's most versatile performer, rocks out to the Alternative Rock girl-angst anthem “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morissette. In just one season, Haley has sung Country, Blues, 60's Rock n Roll, Soul, R&B, and now a bit of Indy/Alternative Rock. Haley's nailed songs by everyone from Patsy Kline, to Led Zeppelin, Adele, Sarah Vaughan, Elton John, Carole King, Janis Joplin and Lady Gaga, among others.

Even though Haley can sing anything, the judges made a horrible song choice for her. Not only did Haley need to change the x-rated lyrics for the PG-13 American Idol crowd, but "You Oughta Know" is not a singer's song. The rat-a-tat verses and choppy chorus in no way showcases Haley's huge vocals...nor would it showcase any singer's. The Top 3 is the time for the contestants to 'have a moment.' No singer could have a moment with this song, with it's awkward verses. Also, when "You Oughta Know" was released, people either loved or hated. Did the judges choose this to make Haley look and sound bad? After all the religious songs by other contestants, Haley would be the one to get the blame for singing an 'evil' song, not the judges who choose it. (The judges also screwed Crystal Bowersox last year with her Top 3 song. They choose "Maybe I'm Amazed" by Paul McCartney and Wings, forcing her to sing "Maybe I'm a Man" over and over, rather than change the lyrics to something even more awkward!)

But Haley loves a challenge, and she gave it her all, laying it all out in the chorus with a blast of grasp and growl ~ totally nailing it. Randy Jackson, who has been criticizing Haley for weeks, actually praised, "Those were some amazing choruses by you. I love seeing you rock out like that, in a soulful way. HALEY IS IN IT TO WIN IT!" Steven Tyler raved, "Amazing. That was so perfect. You so nailed the choruses. It was incredible. Beautiful." JLo added, "It was a really good job. The choruses, nobody can match you there, how high you can go, and how much power you can put behind your gowl. The stronger parts were the choruses."

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

American Idol's Haley Reinhart Goes Out With a Bang Belting "Bennie & The Jets" on the Final 3 Results Show

Feisty Haley Reinhart goes out with a bang ~ and gets her revenge ~ belting out Elton John's "Bennie & The Jets" as her final song on the American Idol Season 10 Final 3 Results Show. We've all been waiting for someone to have their 'moment' during the Final 3. Haley came very close with Led Zeppelin's “What is and What Should Never Be”, but that was one song out of nine ~ on a very boring, very safe show. Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina never sang a show-stopping song for the Final 3. But after Haley got eliminated, she blew them both out of the water. You could tell by the looks on their faces, they were both wondering, "How am I going to top Haley's "Bennie & The Jets" on the Finale?"

BRAVO HALEY!!! You went out with grace, and one of the best performances of the season. We are so, so proud of you!

Did you all catch Haley's subtle, yet beautifully placed, slap in the face to JeaLous JLo and Randy?? Her brilliant change of words in "Bennie & The Jets" told us exactly what Haley thought of their harsh, unjustified criticism...

"Say, Randy and JLo, have you seen them yet?
OH, BUT THEY ARE SO SPACED OUT, B-B-B-Bennie and Steven"

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Season 10's Feisty Haley Reinhart Has "A Lot of Faith" in a Post-American Idol Career of Sultry Soul and Rock

"I'm really, really lucky to have some strong women that have powerful voices that are coming back into the scene, Haley Reinhart tells MTV News.
By Gil Kaufman, MTV

Haley Reinhart had a memorably bumpy ride on the just-completed 10th season of American Idol. She fell down during her final performance night, got dinged by judge Randy Jackson on a number of occasions in an otherwise-sunshiny season of high praise for most of the top finishers and almost had to take the stage at the last minute as a finale sub when eventual runner-up Lauren Alaina suffered a vocal-cord malady on the last performance night.

So is Haley bitter about her seesaw season or worried that her third-place finish means her sultry blues sound didn't click with America?

"I'm really, really lucky to have some strong women that have powerful voices that are coming back into the scene ... that's very inspiring, because that's what I've wanted to do for a while," she told MTV News on Tuesday, May 31st, mentioning such icons as Amy Winehouse, Corinne Bailey Rae, Grammy-winning jazz bassist Esperanza Spalding, Duffy and Janelle Monáe as her inspirations.

"All these chicks have a really, really cool, unique sound, and I'm really thankful that this is coming about, because it's the right time for me right now. It's happening, and I have so much throwback that's come along with me, and it seems like it might be a stretch to get there, but especially now with this new wave coming through, with this raw, refreshing good musicality being provided, I have really good feelings and a lot of faith."

Haley Reinhart is already looking ahead to the time after this summer's American Idols LIVE! Tour, when she hopes to put out some of the funky, R&B/Soul style of music she likes to write. "I never wrote anything with the real Rock there, so I would like to touch on that," she said, promising that her debut album will be a mix of sultry Soul and Rock.